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Success with Sutton Eurostyle hotel

Date: 2013-01-16

2013.01.06, in this special occasion during the new year time, the development zone management committee do in Sutton Eurostyle hotel, successfully held the "harmonious family, striving pioneers" as the theme of the New Year's party!

Sutton Eurostyle hotel as the most pure European architecture, capable of European civilization essence, with romantic European amorous feelings analytic life taste for Shenyang implant never had texture European culture. The hotel appearance three storey height raising of truss method floor glass curtain wall design, bright, sedate, atmosphere, interior decoration, costly, restore ancient ways, have pure Western Europe, espresso bar, authentic German beer house, SPA, image design center, Europe seven countries decorate rooms, and the western-style wedding and business meeting sharing hall, and other modules, ensure that your every activity can fully success.

In Sutton the authentic European buildings, in this full of warmth and hope of dreams,devolpment zone administration committee of colleagues fully cheerful the mood, relax the body and mind, we are eager to form various programs, and summarized the work in the past year and the result, the successful release a New Year prospects and dream!