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Shenyang Cultural Arts Center was completed in May 'diamonds'

Date: 2013-03-20

By the 26,000 irregular glass walls spell "Juzuan" - Shenyang Cultural Arts Center will be May 20 to complete all the glass of the pavement, which is expected in July can be lit decorative lights, then, this "Juzuan"Shenyang will literally shine.

"Juzuan" July Zhangdeng

Yesterday, the reporter went to Shenyang Cultural Arts Center construction project, the construction site workers are in full swing to install glass walls, the whole "Juzuan" has basically been completed half of the glass curtain wall installation.According to the staff, these glasses "drill surface" choices are four pairs of hollow glass, thus increasing the "diamond" shiny degree, so that the "Juzuan" looks more transparent beautiful.According to plan is expected to be completed around May 20 All 26000 glass curtain wall installation work will be conducted after the external lighting project is expected in late June or July the overall light up "Juzuan."By then, the public can see the "Juzuan" style.Built in Shenyang Cultural Arts Center a total construction area of about 85,000 square meters, including the main building area 67,000 square meters and a large platform construction area of 18,000 square meters.Mainly by the 1800 Central Theatre, 1200 concert halls and 500 multi-purpose hall of three parts.The project is the second after the Shenyang Olympic Sports Center, Shenyang City, the Golden Gallery, silver belt and a building at the intersection landmark.

Concert Hall is located 24 meters above the cantilever

In the 24 meters high and enjoy the music feast of the shock, this is the highest ideal of music, art and cultural center of Shenyang, one of the biggest bright spot is located at 24 meters above the cantilever concert hall, concert hall on a military beam mostfrom the ground up to 58 meters, the hall can accommodate more than 1,200 people, according to calculations per 140 pounds, then the cantilever structure must be able to hold up 84 tons of weight, so the main beam is very important.According to reports, the main concert hall cantilevered beam structure used in military use subway beams, huge steel beams from the weight of the entire concert hall.

Functionality comparable to National Theatre

Shenyang Cultural Arts Center Project Manager Zheng Baoquan introduction, the whole "Juzuan" structure is very peculiar, and Shenyang is currently not the same any one building, the industry called it "a very large span reticulated shells disordered state," whichkind of structure has a structure gauge, fire gauge, gauge the difficulty and energy saving features.As iconic buildings in Shenyang, Shenyang Cultural Arts Center project itself is unprecedented difficulty of construction, the project will increase the difficulty of each step forward.In the steel components, the largest master-piece weight up to 115 tons, the maximum weight of cast steel nodes reached 105 tons, construction difficulty comparable to the nest, rare in China.Shenyang Cultural Arts Center functionality is also comparable to the size of the National Grand Theatre and performances form, can undertake large-scale drama, musicals, symphony, ballet and other types of repertoire form.